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At Mr. Fierze, we’re all about changing the way men’s fashion is consumed. We offer a designer suit hire service that helps the community and is kind to the environment. As you know, all of our suits, jackets and shirts are treated with the highest care and like-new conditions.

 Hiring pre-loved suiting is another way of significantly helping the environment. Rather than simply discarding our remaining offering, we hold clearance sales annually that will allow customers the opportunity to buy their favourites and hire the rest. As a global leader in reuse, we know that when we all make small changes, we can make a big impact on our planet together. Because the most sustainable the clothing that already exists.

 Many of us have read or heard about the accelerating and harmful impact that the growth of ‘fast’ and ‘disposable’ fashion has had on our environment locally and abroad. Over the last couple of years, the global fashion industry has been the hot topic as a result of issues, ranging from questionable manufacturing processes right through to an increasing contribution to a landfill.

Here are some of the reasons why you join the path of sustainability by choosing Mr. Fierze:

1. Hiring with us reduces pollution

It’s hardly a secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. By hiring with Mr. Fierze, you can do your part in reducing the need to manufacture new items for fast/disposable fashion brands. Furthermore, it reduces the need to use new natural resources and it saves the amount of pollution that gets released into the air and water.

2. We never compromise on quality

Instead of giving in to the impulse buys and buying trendy, low-quality items, go for items from us that you know will last forever. With designer brands you can trust such as Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld and more, you can be at ease knowing that you’re investing in items of high quality and longevity. This will again, reduce the demand for harmful and unnecessary manufacturing and ultimately, reduce the amount of fashion waste that goes to landfill. Instead, you’ll have a more thoughtful selection of items at your disposal – no strings attached - while extending the garment’s lifecycle.

3. Slow down the harmful fast-fashion consumption culture

Since the birth of the ‘fast-fashion’ linear business model, the general public are quick to discard our items without understanding the negative impacts it has on the environment as well as the people who manufacture the clothes. Did you know that non-biodegradable fabrics can sit in landfills for up to 200 years? We don’t stop to realise that our ancestors held onto clothing items that had sentimental value which in time would go on to be classified as ‘vintage treasures’. Hiring with us means we’re not giving into the constant demand for new products, thus slowing down the supply.

Mr. Fierze exists because we care about the environment and we aim to revolutionise the fashion industry and make it more sustainable. Hiring the Mr. Fierze offering is a way in which you can help recycle clothes and cut down on waste and pollution. Hiring a pre-loved garment extends our products’ lifecycle and closes the harmful loop of the fashion cycle.

Keep an eye out for our future clearance sales and hire guilt-free with us. View the selection in-store or online and book a fitting with us for your next event.

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