Founded in 2018, Mr. Fierze is the brainchild of Joel Rodrick Fierze at a time when suit hires were not at the forefront of stylish millennial gents. In a fast paced world of ever changing styles and trends, we wanted to disrupt the suit hire industry and provide gents with designer options and stylish fits without the commitment of ownership and hefty price tags, whilst also reducing fashion wastage.

This is all accomplished with the ability to provide gents with a disposable wardrobe, without the worries of wearing the same outfit twice. On top of that, we added the element of taking the styling stress away from you, so all our gents do is walk in, get styled to the nines, and walk out looking dapper as. We have quickly evolved to become a gent's one-stop styling house, where clients come in and out for endless style options. We have now grown from just hiring suits to every accessories under the sun including specialising in a wide range bow tie, neck tie, pocket square, lapel pin and lux bracelet options.

As we say - We Style, You Hire.


At Mr. Fierze, we help men express their character in the clothes that they wear – in how they present themselves to the world.

It is our job to listen and to advise our suiting and styling expertise in order to provide designer suits that our clients love to wear; clothing that perfectly expresses who they are. We do this with passion and in styling oasis that is both comfortable and inspiring - from the moment that you walk through the door.

Mr. Fierze is the hire service for men of character.


Passionate may be an overused term, but for those of us at Mr. Fierze, it most certainly describes how we feel about men’s fashion. We aim to make sure our clients love the clothes they wear. Our style consultants work with you personally to find the exact combination of fit, fabric, and colour to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

We want you to feel confident in what you wear for your events, to feel as though our designer offering genuinely represents you.

It is our privilege to take note of what you desire and provide high-quality designer suits, jackets, shirts and accessories that you will cherish and be the highlight of the night. Read up on THE HIRE PROCESS to discover more information on the seamless experience.