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Established in 2018, Mr. Fierze emerged from the creative mind of Joel Rodrick Fierze during a time when men's suit hire in Sydney lacked the panache desired by stylish millennials. In a world where trends evolve at breakneck speed, we set out to revolutionize the suit hire industry in Sydney. Our mission: offering gents designer options and chic fits without the burden of ownership or exorbitant price tags, all while contributing to the reduction of fashion wastage.

Our solution? Providing Sydney gents with a disposable wardrobe, eliminating the concern of repeating outfits. And that's not all. We take the stress out of styling for you. Walk into our space, let us work our magic, and strut out looking as dapper as ever. We've swiftly transformed into the go-to styling hub for gentlemen seeking suit hire in Sydney. Our clients come in for a plethora of style options, and we've expanded beyond suits to include an extensive array of accessories. Think bow ties, neck ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, and luxurious bracelet options – we've got it all.

At Mr. Fierze, we live by a simple mantra – We Style, You Hire. Get ready to redefine your style game with a touch of professionalism, a dash of fun, and a hint of edginess.


At Mr. Fierze... we're all about empowering men to express their uniqueness through their threads. We believe you gotta to strut your stuff and tell your story loud and clear with what you wear.

We're all ears here. Our commitment has always been to listen and provide expert guidance on styling and suiting, ensuring our clients receive designer ensembles that align seamlessly with their individual style for any occasion. Whether it's for a bash or a business deal, we'll make sure you rock a look that's totally you.

Mr. Fierze? Yeah, we're the spot for rebels and gentlemen from all walks of life who've got that mojo, attitude and swagger.


Our threads? As stylists, we meticulously curate garments from an extensive array of brands, aiming to inspire every gentleman.

Full Quality. Every single one of our garments are crafted with love and integrity. You'll find yourself in a place that's all about vibes, where you can kick back and get inspired as soon as you walk through the door.

The garments we offer serve as a precise embodiment of their identities, driven by our passion and cultivated within a styling haven where you can sit back and get inspired as soon as you walk through the door.

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Passion? We got that in spades over at Mr. Fierze. We're all about men's fashion and suiting up in Sydney, and we're not shy about it.

Our style gurus? They're like your personal wingmen. They'll work side by side with you to nail down that perfect combo of fit, fabric, and colour that screams "you" in every stitch. Ensuring that your suit hire experience is tailored to perfection.

We're all about makin' you feel like a million bucks at your events. When you step out rockin' our designer-wear, it's gotta feel like it's straight outta your own closet. We're here to listen, and to provide you up with top-notch suits, jackets, shirts, the whole nine yards.

We style, You hire - and you're the star of the show.

Read up on THE HIRE PROCESS to discover more information on the seamless experience.