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Hire T&C's

Client Garment Hire Agreement

  1. Interpretation

1.1. In these terms and conditions unless the context otherwise requires:

1.2. “The Business” means Mr. Fierze A.B.N. 45 996 835 643 which shall include any or all companies related or any subsidiaries and assigns of Mr. Fierze.

1.3. “The Client” means a person (including their successors, representatives and permitted assign) hiring the Garment and where there is more than one Client the covenants on their part contained herein shall be deemed joint and several covenants.

1.4. “The Garment” means all or any suits or suit accessory goods of any kind hired by the Client from the business.

1.5. “The Hire Terms & Conditions (T&C)” means the contract between the Business and the Client and includes the hire of the Garment. The Hire T&C starts when the Client signs the Garment Hire Agreement for the Garment, which is provided with an invoice from the Business and is fulfilled by the Client returning the Garment to the Business.

1.6 This Garment Hire Agreement is entered into between the Client and The Business, in accordance with the Australian Consumer Laws and The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), for the hire of garments and accessories. 

The Client acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. General

2.1 This Garment Hire Agreement is entered into between the Client and Mr. Fierze, in accordance with the Australian Consumer Laws, for the hire of garments and accessories. The Client acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Client Responsibility:

3.1. While we make efforts to elucidate the terms and conditions to Clients, it is ultimately the responsibility of the Clients to diligently read, comprehend, and acknowledge the contents of these terms and conditions.

  1. Identification:

4.1. The Business requires The Client to provide a hard/ electronic copy of their identification with a valid driver's licence and paying credit card. The Customer agrees for the business to photocopy their identification to be stored within the Business for the duration of the Client’s hire and is destroyed once the T&C has been fulfilled and the Garment has been returned to the business on time, safe and with no damage. This is part of the hire process and is non-negotiable. Failure to do so will result in the hire being refused.  

  1. Client's Warranties: 

5.1. The Client warrants that all information provided to The Business is true and accurate.

  1. Seek Clarifications:

6.1. In case Clients have any queries or concerns regarding the terms and conditions, they are encouraged to seek clarifications from our authorised representatives before proceeding with our services.

  1. Hirer's Duty of Care: 

7.1. The hirer accepts full responsibility for the care of the garment from the time of pick up until the goods are returned to the store. 

7.2. If the garment and/or goods are lost, stolen, altered, tampered with, or damaged in any way, the hirer will be charged for the cost of replacement fees, at the discretion of The Business.

7.3. The accompanying Suit Bag and Hanger must be returned, or a penalty will apply, including Hanger Replacement ($4) and Suit Bag Replacement ($8)

7.4. The Business reserves the right to charge the provided identification and payment details if the suit bags, hangers, garments, and/or accessories have been lost, stolen, tampered with, damaged, or altered. This will be done if there is no communication/ replies from The Client. 

  1. Hire Returns: 

8.1. All garments are hired out from the moment of pick up until the return date, which is communicated to the Hirer and stated in the invoice of the purchased garment. 

8.2. The client must return the garment and accessories on the return date within the opening hours of trade by returning it in person or via delivery – refer to section 8.5.1. 

8.3. Any extra day requirements, the Client reserves the right for the Business to charge extra day fees as a late fee – refer to section 9.2.

8.4. The Client must inform The Business in case of potential delays that are beyond the Client's control in returning the garment.

8.5. Unreasonable circumstances, where the Client forgets the return date or is unable to return the garment on the return date, are unacceptable, and the Client gives permission for the Business to charge the provided card details.

8.5.1. It is the Client’s expense to pay for any delivery fees for the Garment to be returned to the Business.

  1. Late Penalty: 

9.1. All late returns after the specified time will be charged for the hire price of the suit per late day. 

9.2. Late fees vary depending on the type of outfit and are charged as follows:

9.2.1. Black Tie Tuxedo and Other Suits: $40.00 per day

9.2.2. Full Statement Garment Looks: $50.00 per day.

9.2.3. Smart Casual Looks: $30.00 per day

9.2.4. Jacket only or Trouser only: $25 per day

9.2.5. Accessory Items: $10.00 per day  

9.3. If the hirer fails to return the accessories on the return date, the Client reserves the right for the Business to charge a Late Accessories Return fee. 

9.4. If the Client fails to return the garment within 10 days of the return date, the Client shall immediately become liable for the replacement value of each garment and accessories at the recommended retail price (RRP) PLUS late fee owing. 

9.5. The hirer has 3 days to pay the Replacement Fee PLUS Late Fees after the 10-day mark. If payment is not received, the Client’s file, containing the photocopies of paying card and drivers licence, will be passed on to Debt Collectors and Legal Team. 

9.6. Any legal proceedings and/or other actions taken to obtain the goods shall be at the cost of the hirer. 

9.7. If the hirer is physically unable to return the garment in-store, it is their responsibility to arrange an alternative method of return and communicate this to Mr. Fierze.

  1. Penalties: 

10.1. Failure to return the suit within 10 days of the return date and failure to communicate with Mr. Fierze will result in charges. 

10.2. Mr. Fierze reserves the right to charge the client, with or without notifying the client, the RRP of each missing item/s, plus the total amount of late days.

10.3. Mr. Fierze has the right to charge the client for legal proceeding fees and collection agency fees if the suit fails to be returned within 10 days.

10.4. Should the garment and accessories get stolen or lost, the Hirer must pay the RRP of each item/s that was not returned to the Business.

  1. Holding a Garment: 

11.1. Mr. Fierze requires full payment to reserve a garment. Partial payment will not reserve the garment. 

11.2. Quotes sent to the hirer do not guarantee garment and/or accessories reservation.

  1. Social Media: 

12.1. Mr. Fierze may use images taken in-store or photos sent from The Client for social media content purposes upon consent. If the hirer does not wish their images to be posted, they must specify this to their stylist.

12.2 The Client reserves the right for The Business to use the images for social media and marketing materials when supplied by The Client.

  1. Refunds and Cancellation Fee: 

13.1. Cancellations or refunds made 48 hours before the event will incur an administration cancellation fee of $45.00 per outfit, per head. 

13.2. Cancellations made 48 hours prior to the pick up date will incur a cancellation fee of $75.00 plus Alterations Fees if applicable.

  1. Postponing Date: 

15.1.  Postponing dates will not incur a charge unless alterations have been done, in which case the client will be charged an extra Alteration Fee for the new hire date. 

  1. Dry Cleaning/Damages: 

16.1. The total price of the garment hire is inclusive of a dry-cleaning fee. 

16.2. The hirer is not permitted to send the garment off for self-dry cleaning, alterations, or any related services. Doing so will mean that the garment has been illegally tampered with. 

16.3. Additional charges will apply for extra stains or damages to the suit. 

16.4. If the suit is deemed non-repairable, the hirer will be charged the full RRP of the suit. 

16.5. The hirer gives permission to Mr. Fierze to charge the credit card if payments for damages are not processed on time.

  1. Fit & Alteration Services: 

17.1. The only alteration services provided on hired garments are the temporary hemming of jacket sleeve lengths and pants leg lengths. Mr. Fierze does not offer any other alterations on the garment. Mr. Fierze will work to have the garments be as best fitting on the client’s body as possible only if the client’s body is average sized. 

17.2 When a client is deemed to have a non-average build/ body proportion, the client must understand that hired suits will have limitations in its fit - which will be explained by the Style Consult.

17.3. Any further alterations needed can be done to a garment if it is bought. 

17.2. Alterations services are charged at the rate specified. 

17.4. Temporary stitching for alterations may be visible at the hem of the pants, which will be removed after the hire. 

17.5. Shorter persons may experience a folded hem at the bottom of the pants, causing the fabric to sit heavier. 

17.6. Alterations are charged at an express rate for next day hires (within a 24 hour period) 

17.6.1. Express Jacket Sleeve Alteration: $35.00 

17.6.2. Express Pants Hem Alteration: $30.00 

17.6.3. Alteration refunds will not be provided after the suit has been altered.

  1. Privacy:

18.1. Mr. Fierze treats all collected data with the utmost confidence and complies with Australian Consumer Laws. Personal information will not be shared with any third-party companies, except as required for late/replacement purposes - please refer to section 9.5.

18.2. The Business adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP1, APP3, APP6, APP11) of The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) 

  1. Hiring for Another Person: 

19.1. Hiring for another person under the Client's account makes the Client liable for their late fees and replacement fees.

  1. Purchase as Acknowledgement

20.1. Purchasing a garment along with proof of purchase signifies agreement with the terms and conditions.

  1. Wedding Hires, where the “Client” is considered the “Groom”.

21.1. The Terms and Conditions as stated above from section 1 to section 20 apply in section 21 of Wedding Hires

21.2. Suit Quantity Confirmation: Grooms reserving a specific number of suits before the second fitting are required to complete payment to secure the chosen quantity. The Business reserves the right to withhold and postpone the fitting appointment if the number of groomsmen exceeds the initially anticipated count. 

21.3. Adding Groomsmen: The groom is responsible for notifying Mr. Fierze about any additional groomsmen before the groomsmen fitting. Payment for additional suits must be made in advance for the fitting to continue. The Business reserves the right to postpone the fitting if payment has not been made.

21.4. Consolidated Payment: The groom is responsible for making a single transaction to cover the hiring cost of all groomsmen's suits. 

21.5. Groomsmen Suit Returns: The groom is accountable for ensuring that all groomsmen who have signed the groomsmen's terms and conditions return all hired garments and accessories in a timely manner. 

21.6. Late Returns and Replacement Fees: In case of late returns, damages, or loss of hired garments and accessories, the groom will be liable for replacement fees and associated charges as specified in the groom's terms and conditions. 

21.7. Alterations: Alteration services are available for groomsmen suits. Any alteration requested by the groom must be communicated to the Business. Any alterations needed, an invoice will be supplied to the Groom and the Groom reserves the right for the business to complete the transaction with the provided identification details or complete the transaction via email or over the phone.

21.8. Communication: Effective communication between the groom and the Business is essential to ensure a seamless suit-hire process. Any changes, additions, or adjustments must be promptly conveyed. It is up to the discretion of the Business to proceed with any written and confirmed notices made by the Client and the Business. Any phone communications will be noted and written down by the Business and promptly emailed for confirmation.

21.9. Fitting Appointments: Fitting appointments are to be scheduled in advance, and the groom and all groomsmen must be available for fittings at the designated times made by the Groom.

21.10. Privacy and Data Handling: Personal information provided during the suit hire process will be treated with confidentiality and in compliance with applicable privacy laws. 

21.11. Acceptance of Terms: By proceeding with the wedding suit hire, the groom acknowledges understanding and agreement with these terms and conditions. The groom accepts responsibility for adhering to the terms on behalf of all groomsmen. 


These terms and conditions are put forth to ensure a smooth and organised suit hire process for weddings. It is vital for the groom and groomsmen to carefully read and comprehend these terms, as they outline the obligations, responsibilities, and procedures to be followed during the suit hiring period.


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