The Pass It On Clothing Initiative

Founded in 2016 by Chris and Olga Vagg, Pass It On Clothing began as a grassroots effort to support the homeless community in Sydney.

They started by collecting clothes from their friends and family, and distributing them to people sleeping rough in the CBD. Since then, they have grown to partner with major brands like Uniqlo, Academy Brand and now Mr. Fierze.

Mr. Fierze x Pass It On

Mr Fierze is proud to announce a partnership with Pass it On Clothing, a distinguished social enterprise dedicated to providing clothing and fostering connections for the homeless population in Sydney. Committed to our primary mission of outfitting gents from all walks of life, our collaboration with Pass It On Clothing is a natural and impactful extension of our sustainable efforts to ensure that everyone has access to clothing, particularly those experiencing homelessness.  

What sets Pass It On Clothing apart, and resonates deeply with us, is their approach marked by humility in serving the homeless community. Unlike the conventional practice of indiscriminately bundling clothes into trash bags, Pass It On Clothing exemplifies a compassionate and dignified approach. They organize donations on accessible racks, allowing homeless individuals to personally select the items they need, promoting a sense of autonomy and dignity in the process.  

“All I want you to do is engage with these people, they are all human beings” - Chris Vagg

How Can You Help Us

Starting February 1, 2024, Mr Fierze will house a Pass It On Clothing Collection Bin in the North Sydney store, where existing and new customers can donate their pre-loved clothing items. The donated clothes will be sorted and delivered by PIOC directly to the homeless community per their delivery schedule.

The following are items we DO accept and DO NOT accept:


  • Clean casual clothing (Men/women)
  • Clean suits
  • Sneakers, runners, casual shoes
  • New socks and underwear


  • Ripped or stained clothing
  • Dirty unwashed clothing
  • Belts, Ties or Jewellery
  • Sheets, Towels or Linen items
  • Children's clothing

Join Us & Make A Difference

We invite you to be a part of this effort and join us in making a difference by donating new or good-conditioned second-hand clothing anytime the store is open.

Also help us spread the word on social media using the hashtags:#MrFierzeGives  and  #MrFierzeXPassItOn.

Together, we can make a positive impact and we thank you for your support in advance.