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Spring - Summer 24 REMIX Suiting Guide

Spring - Summer 24 REMIX Suiting Guide

Embracing the summer suit comes with its unique set of challenges. One might initially question the sanity of donning a suit in the scorching heat, but the hurdles don't stop there. From navigating the selection of suitable materials and finding the perfect cut to mastering the art of accessorizing and choosing an ideal colour palette, the world of summer suiting can seem daunting. Faced with such complexities, some may be tempted to ditch the suit altogether in favour of shorts and a breathable linen shirt.


Luckily for you, we've carefully curated the definitive guide to conquer every facet of summer suiting. Informed by the insights of our seasoned stylists, our guidelines will illustrate that attaining the ideal "summer formal" aesthetic is not just achievable but also incredibly versatile. During this summer the weather isn’t the only thing that’ll piping hot.



Opt for Summer Suits with Optimal Breathability

A common misconception is assuming that lightweight fabric automatically translates to breathability. This notion is not entirely accurate. While the fabric choice does contribute to breathability, there's more to the equation. The weaving pattern of the fabric is equally crucial in determining its capacity to facilitate air circulation. Whether you're leaning towards linen or cotton, the key is to opt for summer suits with a loose weave. This allows for effective air movement, preventing the buildup of sweat. Prioritizing suits with side vents or double vents is a wise choice, as they enhance air circulation and ward off the discomfort of the jacket clinging to your body in the blistering heat.


Summer-Ready Hues

Once you've determined the perfect fabric for your summer suit, the next critical consideration is its colour palette, and fortunately, our latest releases showcase the epitome of summer hues that are currently all the rage.


So, what's the optimal choice for a summer suit? Essentially, any vibrant shade is a splendid pick. Brighter colours prove effective as they reflect sunlight wavelengths, absorbing less heat in the process. While darker tones are typically reserved for formal occasions, the summer season encourages the embrace of a vibrant colour palette. Among the most sought-after summer suit shades are rich blues, patterned greys, earthy browns, and solid or patterned greens. The key to elevating your summer suiting style is the incorporation of patterns and contrast.


Consider the Lewis Check Suit, an exciting new inclusion in our collection. This suit seamlessly combines classic blue suiting with a hint of British Mod flair, showcasing contemporary skinny lapels and a captivating check pattern. What distinguishes it is the addition of a luxurious red tie, strategically directing focus to the center and elevating the suit's textured appearance.

Meticulously fashioned from a refined wool weave, the Lewis Check Suit presents a comfortable and fashionable choice for your summer adventures. Its fine wool weave, coupled with double vents at the back, ensures optimal breathability during your summer escapades.


For those in search of a lighter alternative with a touch of daring flair, the Joe Black Green Frazer Check Jacket stands out as the ideal selection. This jacket encompasses all the essential features for summer comfort and style. With a blend of wool, cotton, and a hint of linen, it provides a comfortable and breathable option. Despite its attention-grabbing check pattern, the jacket proves remarkably versatile, suitable for a broad spectrum of events. You can effortlessly pair it with solid-coloured trousers or opt for a pair of light chinos; simple colour blocking effortlessly enhances your overall look, making this jacket an indispensable addition for various occasions.


For those aspiring to achieve a summer look inspired by rustic charm or those attending an outdoor wedding, brown emerges as a popular and preferred choice. While traditional brown suits often feature a tweed construction, our Jason Taupe suit is meticulously fashioned from lightweight, breathable wool. To accentuate the slim cut of the jacket, consider pairing it with a subtly coloured tie, allowing the solid brown ensemble to command attention on its own. This style embodies a contemporary interpretation of the 1920s American art deco era, lending a touch of timeless elegance to your attire.



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When choosing a dress shirt for spring and summer, it's recommended to go for solid white or light pastel tones such as pale blue or pink. These timeless selections lay solid groundwork for your warm-weather wardrobe, providing a versatile backdrop to elevate your suit with accessories. For those desiring a more refined and lively aesthetic, explore options like a mustard or lilac shirt. This decision introduces an additional burst of colour and style, ideal for achieving a Euro-Classic look.




While our primary focus remains on summer suits, let's delve into various shoe options that perfectly complement the warm-weather season!

André Loafers - Multicoloured / Burgundy - Sézane What to Wear With Chelsea Boots - Moral Code

Loafers exude a sophisticated yet laid-back summertime aesthetic, making them suitable for both casual and professional settings. For a refined and understated choice in summer footwear, Derby Shoes offer versatility that seamlessly pairs with any suit. For formal black-tie affairs during the summer, Patent Leather Shoes stand as an excellent, and in fact, quintessential choice. Opting for Chelsea boots is a splendid decision for less formal occasions. Whether matched with chinos or jeans and paired with a blazer, they add a stylish but functional touch to your ensemble.


Elevating Your Look with Stylish Accessories

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Pocket Squares: In the realm of pocket squares, silk stands out as a timeless choice, boasting enduring aesthetic appeal throughout the year with its natural sheen and vibrant colours. However, if you're aiming for a textured and season-appropriate look that complements your ensemble, explore alternatives like cotton or linen. To achieve a harmonious and coordinated appearance, match the primary colour of your pocket square with the secondary colour in your tie, or vice versa. For instance, if your tie features shades of blue with a hint of pink, selecting a pocket square in pink or burgundy will create a perfect complement. During the summer, opt for lighter hues whenever possible. Even if the dominant pocket square colour isn't a pastel shade, choosing one with subtle pastel accents, whether in the secondary colour or the hand-rolled edges, can yield stunning results.


Lapel Pins: Elevate your outfits with the subtle charm of a lighter-coloured lapel flower or tie bar. These nuanced details allow your style to truly shine, injecting personality and flair into your ensembles. Additionally, don't underestimate the impact of a finely crafted metal pin in silver or gold that harmonizes with the shade of your suit. This understated detail holds the power to transform your outfit from business-like to dandy.


Bracelets and Chains: When incorporating bracelets and chains, aim for synergy with your formal suit. For formal occasions, select a bracelet that complements the overall aesthetic. Ornate designs or plain metal bracelets can work well, depending on your outfit. For a black suit at a formal event, a fitting choice might be a black beaded bracelet. Coordinating your bracelet with your watch is another option; for instance, pairing a silver bracelet with a silver watch can create a cohesive look. If your suit is lighter in colour, consider opting for a darker-hued bracelet to complement the overall attire.


"In conclusion, keep in mind that the perfect summer suiting is all about the trifecta of breathability, confidence, and style. Embrace your individuality with confidence and grace, ensuring your suit is not only fashionable but also breathable and impeccably fitted. Let your self-assurance shine, enhancing your overall appearance. If you're prepared to discover the ideal fit for the upcoming summer season, click here to schedule a fitting with us! Your journey to impeccable summer style awaits. 

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