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Golden Globes 2024 Trend Breakdown

Golden Globes 2024 Trend Breakdown

The Golden Globes, once a modest celebration of visual creatives, now evolved into a cornerstone of the entertainment industry—a beacon for hardworking talents seeking global recognition and a reliable forecast for upcoming fashion trends. In recent years, renowned fashion houses have eagerly seized the opportunity to unveil their latest designs on the silver screen, adorning the industry's luminaries in their finest creations.

Beyond the well-deserved victories, such as the impressive achievement of Oppenheimer, the spotlight at the 2023 Golden Globes shone brightly on the diverse array of formalwear on display. Notable trends emerged, ranging from a contemporary take on classic styles with boxy tuxedo cuts to a resurgence of 70s-inspired glamour, accompanied by a delightful exploration of unique tones for more conservative ensembles, and we almost forgot - PEAK LAPELS.

Here are the four standout trends that captivated our attention during the 2023 Golden Globes:

Contemporary-Classics with Boxy Tuxedo Cuts:
The red carpet witnessed a resurgence of timeless elegance with a modern twist. There were plenty of our favourite celebrities embracing boxy tuxedo cuts that exuded sophistication and a bold sense of style. This trend seamlessly blended traditional formalwear with a fresh, avant-garde approach, showcasing the evolution of classic silhouettes with a contemporary flow.

The Best Dressed Men at The Golden Globe Awards 2024 Barry Keoghan Charles Melton Wears Giorgio Armani Suit at Golden Globes 2024 - See Photos

From left: Jeremy Allen White, Barry Keogan, and Charles Melton



70s Revival:
Nostalgia took centre stage as the allure of 70s fashion made a striking comeback. Vibrant colours, flared pants, and retro-inspired details adorned the glamorous attires of A-listers, paying homage to a bygone era while adding a contemporary flair. These stars effortlessly transported us back to the glamour of the 70s, embracing the era's distinctive style with flair. Adorned in frills, wide lapels, and high-waisted slacks featuring a subtle flare at the bottom, these ensembles captured the essence of said bygone decade. The meticulous attention to vintage details showcased not only a nod to nostalgia but also a keen understanding of fashion's cyclical nature, making a bold and stylish statement on the contemporary stage.


Chris Perfetti Golden Globes 2024 red carpet photos noah j ricketts at the 81st golden globe awards held at the beverly hilton hotel on january 7, 2024 in beverly hills, california photo by gilbert floresgolden globes 2024golden globes 2024 via getty images

From left: Chris Parfetti - in Maison Margiela, Tyler James Williams - in Dolce & Gabbana, and Noah J. Ricketts


Unique Tones for Conservative Outfits:
Breaking away from conventional norms, celebrities embraced a diverse palette of unique tones for their conservative ensembles. From muted pastels to unconventional neutrals, this trend showcased a departure from the traditional black and white spectrum, proving that elegance knows no bounds when it comes to colour choices. This refreshing take on formalwear added a touch of individuality to the red carpet, redefining the standards of sophistication.

The Best Dressed Men at the 2024 Golden Globes | Us Weekly Andrew Scott Golden Globes 2024 red carpet photos

 From left: John Krasinski, Andrew Scott, and Justin Hartley



Peak Lapels Take Center Stage:

A standout trend at the 2023 Golden Globes was the commanding return of peak lapels. Characterized by a pointed, upward fold, these sophisticated lapels added a touch of refined elegance to the red carpet. Austin Butler, among others, confidently embraced this classic yet contemporary detail, making it the focal point of their ensembles.

The versatility of peak lapels was evident as they seamlessly complemented various silhouettes, enhancing both traditional and avant-garde styles. These actor's choices exemplified a perfect blend of timeless fashion and a willingness to infuse classic elements with a fresh, modern perspective. As peak lapels continue to make a strong comeback, it's clear that this detail is not just a passing trend but a definitive marker of enduring style in the ever-evolving landscape of formal fashion. Anticipate more celebrities embracing the sophistication of peak lapels, solidifying its status as a standout trend from the 2023 Golden Globes.

Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht Reunite at 2024 Golden Globes | Us Weekly Celebrities dressed in Berluti to 81st Golden Globe Awards - Luxsure beverly hills, california january 07 matt bomer attends the 81st annual golden globe awards at the beverly hilton on january 07, 2024 in beverly hills, california photo by amy sussmangetty images

From left: Patrick J. Adams & Gabriel Macht, David Oyelowo, and Matt Bomer


As the Golden Globes continue to be a melting pot of talent and style, these three trends stand out as defining moments in the intersection of fashion and entertainment, setting the tone for the industry's sartorial landscape in the year ahead.

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