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Finding the right suit or jacket for an upcoming event can be rather daunting, even more so if your budget doesn’t stretch very far. That’s where Mr. Fierze comes in to play, offering a variety of designer suits and jackets for hire, whereby you can look your best without breaking the bank. We had a chat with our founder, Joel Anthony, to find out what inspired the idea to come into fruition, and what his plans are for the future.

1. What inspired Mr Fierze?

Having been in the marketing and fashion circle for a few years, I personally discovered that it was such a struggle and pressure on the wallet to keep up with adapting to trends and buying new clothes every time. Not to mention if you wanted to wear something stand out, you run the risk of never being able to wear it again as well as being photographed to the point where wearing it again seems like a fashion crime.

 Putting all these points into consideration, as well as wondering if other men were in the same boat, I decided to take matters into my own hands and purchase twenty suits and give it a go! Little did I know now that other men were feeling the same way and jumped on the concept. Fast forward to 3 and half years later and we are up to 60 unique suits and jackets and have also ventured into selling shirts and suits.

2. How has your experience working in the hair industry helped with Mr Fierze?

Being Head of Marketing of TONI & GUY Australia, I attended many events and also worked with many influencers and business partners who all attend events. Using them as my test market had been really good for the business through its initial stages.

3. Who your ideal customer for Mr. Fierze?

When I first started Mr. Fierze, I thought I was only going to be speaking to a certain type of gent – the style conscious working millennial man who knows the labels and wants to stand out. Little did I know that I would also be catering for wedding parties, school formals, corporate events, birthday parties red carpet awards nights and more. The demographic we speak to is now very broad.

4. Where do you see Mr. Fierze in the future?

When I came up with the idea, I always had a very clear vision in my head of what I want Mr. Fierze to be in the future – a one-stop shop for men - a gentleman’s oasis to come in and get drink and get fitted in a suit and leave ready to go for your event. Eventually, I would like to be releasing our own line of statement evening suits and jackets as well as delve into made-to-measure offerings.

6. Who or what inspires you?

I think that’s a very broad question as anything and everything can inspire us in one way or another. I draw a lot of inspiration from the European market and what I see on the catwalks of Milan and Paris Fashion Week. I’m inspired by influencers as to what they’re wearing and what’s trending – and that’s how I select out designer pieces. I am also highly inspired by successful entrepreneurs because at the end of it, this is a business that I want to flourish and be sustainable.

Visit Joel in-store for your appointment with Mr. Fierze.


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