OTAA Black Butterfly Bow Tie

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This bow tie exudes high quality, with a smooth texture and deep black sheen that speak of late-night rendezvous and sophisticated soirées. The traditional butterfly shape is carefully crafted for a flawless knot every time, making it a dependable choice for impromptu outings and scheduled events.

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Size & Fit
  • Classic Butterfly Cut: The bow tie features a traditional butterfly silhouette, offering a broad and elegant appearance that's universally flattering.
  • Versatile Black Hue: Its deep black color provides a versatile option that pairs seamlessly with any color scheme, ensuring you always look polished.
  • Adjustable Fit: Designed to fit neck sizes comfortably, our bow tie ensures you can enjoy your evening without any fuss.
Size Chart
Fabric & Material

100% Microfiber