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As the warmer months start to roll in, Mr. Fierze has most definitely heated up with wedding consultations and fittings taking place in-store for wedding bookings dating till March 2024. Whether it's a classic black-tie affair, a rustic outdoor celebration, or a trendy rooftop cocktail lounge wedding - there are a plethora of trendy and stylish options to ensure you're looking dapper and confident as you say "I DO".

Picture this: the setting sun-drenched garden, vibrant flower blooming all around. It's a warm spring/summer day, and love is in the air. The bridesmaids all matching with their dresses, and your groomsmen standing up on the altar with you with nothing but pride and approval on their face. Your bride looks as good as the day you two met (but better) - it's the perfect moment. But wait. What are you wearing?

In this blog, we'll discuss what's trending for the Spring/Summer wedding season and what are the most asked for styles by couples. We break down wedding themes and how this influences the styles you would go for, as well as tying everything in as a whole group rather than think of an outfit one-dimensionaly. So let's get into it -





When it comes to warm-weather weddings, lightweight and breathable fabrics are a must. A popular trend with Spring/Summer weddings is hosting at venues with beautiful scenery such as Hunter Valley or along the coast with a beach backdrop.

With outdoor venues like this, opt for suits or Tuxedos crafted from Linen, Cotton or lightweight wool. These fabrics offer a sophisticated look while allowing for breathability and comfort. If you're leaning towards a rustic or bohemian style wedding, linen suits are an excellent choice. Linen's natural woven fibres provide excellent ventilation, keeping you cool and relaxed throughout the event.

Additionally, cotton suits are popular alternatives, offering a blend of style and practicality for warmer weather. 

At Mr. Fierze we carry a vast catalogue of suits that are made of the finest italian linen or light cotton. Our Joe Black Linen suits come in both bone and beige, additionally you can customise the look with on-trend accessories that compliment the suits. The lighter shades of linen allows it’s wearer to experiment with lighter silk ties or knitted bowties, as well as contrasting pocket squares to match both the scenery and also the bridesmaid’s attire. 

What are examples of styles we offer for this look. Ie: “For these style weddings, our most popular weddingstyles would be the Joe Black Beige Linen Suit or Joe Black Bone Linen Suit. Paired up with accessories like a tie or knitted bow tie and pocket squares that match the bridesmaids. ….”


While darker colours are traditionally associated with formal occasions or the Autumn/ Winter season, spring and summer weddings and light fabrics open the door to more vibrant colour palettes.

While Navy, a popular choice, adds depth and sophistication to your look while maintaining a touch of formality, be open to working with the gardenscape outdoor scenery when it comes to attire. For rustic-style weddings, light beige, bone or sand-coloured suits made from linen or cotton blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a relaxed and romantic vibe.

Additionally pastel shades like dusty pink or mint green can add a touch of vibrance. These colours exude a fresh and contemporary appeal, reflecting the vibrant atmosphere of the occasion.


Outdoor rustic Spring and Summer weddings provide the perfect opportunity to inject vibrant colours and patterns into your light canvas of a suit. Consider incorporating  pops of colour into accessories (Tie, Pocket Square, or Boutonniere). Bold hues like coral, cobalt blue, emerald green or soft reds can add personality and flare to your ensemble, creating a striking contrast against lighter coloured suits.

Alternatively bold colours can be substituted by loud floral patterns.

Floral elements aren't just for the bride's bouquet. Grooms can embrace floral accents to accessories such as a boutonniere featuring seasonal blooms to complement the overall wedding theme or the floral arrangements of the wedding. By incorporating these small details, you can achieve synergy with the overall style of the wedding while adding a touch of natural elegance.



For Spring/Summer wedding with a cocktail lounge dress code, grooms have the opportunity to embrace a stylish and relaxed look that complements the season and the ambience of the event.


Cocktail lounge weddings provide an opportunity to push for your fashion-forward style. The key principle is to blend the trendy with the relaxed look. The basis of your outfit should be a tailored suit with darker shades such as grey, charcoal, navy and black. Incorporate modern touches like a slim fit dress shirt and slim/skinny tie, contrasting pocket squares. For those who consider themselves to be the brave and the bold, they can go further and experiment with stylish accessories such as lapel pins and statement jewellery to add that touch of your personal flair. Complete your ensemble with sleek leather shoes or loafers. 


The truth is, both work just as well if the style is cohesive and personalised. Opt for a suit or sportscoat crafted out of medium-weight fabrics such as cotton or wool blends. Jackets made out of these fabrics allow for classic structuring and durability while still allowing for breathability. It's your day, you want to look your best without looking like you went swimming in your suit.

Feel free to pair your suit jacket with matching or complementary colours for trousers. Mixing and Matching is the key to staying stylish while refined for the event. For example a structured navy blazer sits well with grey/charcoal trousers.

However, you can also stay ahead of the curve by wearing a full dark coloured suit. A simple but elegant look that's been immortalised by some of the greatest fashion icons such as Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld - the peak lapel black suit. The devil is in the details so make sure the lapels are at an appropriate width, have the crispiest white shirt and a textured black tie to achieve this timeless evening cocktail look. You won't regret the simplicity and effortlessness of this look and the compliments you'll be bombarded with will be the proof of your success. 



If you're considering this option then you're a certified traditionalist. Whether it is a hot Australian summer day or the coldest day, none of that will stop you from wearing a black tuxedo. A black tuxedo in summer is a bold yet understated decision, however it is not your only option as deep navy tuxedos are also a gamechanger.

In order to elevate your tuxedo game, it is important to keep it simple and stick to two iconic cuts - the peak lapel or the shawl lapel. Both can make it's wearer broader and lean in the right places. Opt for wider lapels to achieve that timeless and elegant look.

Our Joe Black and Daniel Hechter tuxedos are crafted with quality in-mind, through expert tailoring with padded shoulders and a natural drop at the waist allowing for a timeless silhouette, giving it’s wearer a v-shape.

An extra tip for jackets: The jacket should hug your shoulders, the sleeves should reach in between your wrist bone and the base of your thumb, and the trousers should have a tailored yet comfortable fit with a clean crease in the middle for a sharper silhouette.


Remember black tie attire is all about timeless elegance and attention to detail, and all the pieces matter.

Consider each aspect of the outfit as an important piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

The shirt must be a crisp tuxedo shirt with traditional detailing such as pleats and frills.  You can add a silk cumberbund for layering to soften the transition from pants to shirt. The pièce de résistance is the bowtie, it is a quintessential element of black tie attire. A silk bowtie in a coordination colour such as black or deep navy allows the wearer to have a polished and clean look.

Lastly, make sure you wear black shoes with a tuxedo, there is room for black boots or even patent leather black shoes, it just has to be black - this is a non-negotiable, so avert your gaze from those chocolate RMs in your closet! This will allow for cohesion in the full outfit, keeping it formal and elegant, just the way the fashion gods intended.  Part of the Mr Fierze look is incorporating the finer details into the rest of the outfit allowing us to build upon the dark canvas and add fine silk accessories such as our classic silk bowties or from our designer range of bowties, and to put it all together, throw in our silk cumberbund from Otta to look the best dressed. 

Considerations: When it comes to Black Tie weddings during summer, it is important to take into account the venue and the weather conditions when planning your attire. If the wedding is held outdoors or in a warmer climate, you may want to consider less layering or a tux made out of a silk and wool blend for the breathability. Your comfort and confidence should always be top of mind when choosing an outfit and style. 

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