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Celebrity Suit Style: Lessons from Hollywood Icon - Austin Butler

Celebrity Suit Style: Lessons from Hollywood Icon - Austin Butler

Austin Butler: The Modern Muse of Classic Charm

Austin Butler's style evolution exemplifies his knack for merging classic elegance with contemporary trends. His sartorial journey, highlighted by his presence at esteemed events such as the Academy Awards and the Met Gala, displays a spectrum of fashion from sleek and refined to daring and innovative.

This series will not only focus on suits but also on everyday fashion, ensuring that you always look your best while fully utilizing every part of your wardrobe, from suits to denim shirts and jeans.

Paint it BLACK

Butler's red carpet ensembles typically showcase classic shapes with a modern edge. His signature look for press events is a sleek, slim-fit suit in all black. This attire not only nods to the golden age of film but also appeals to the contemporary man's taste for sophisticated style.

The outfit is understated yet stylish. Austin chooses a black suit paired with a matching button-up shirt. The distinction lies in the details. A closer inspection reveals his preference for mid width lapels, which give the illusion of wider shoulders, and the addition of accessories like chains and necklaces to accentuate the monochromatic look. It's a simple but impactful choice, exuding an air of allure. Ideal for an evening at Bar Tottis or a chic cocktail lounge, this look is mirrored in our classic Gibson Black Rebellion Peak Lapel Black Suit.


Austin Butler teaches Jimmy Fallon Elvis Presley dance moves -


Hip-Shaking-High-Waisted Madness and Plush Threads

Austin Butler consistently sports timeless straight-legged jeans, often opting for Levi's 501s. These jeans, with a history spanning over 150 years, are ideal for any business casual look. Austin is frequently spotted in these straight-legged staples for everyday wear and special events. He's embraced a 70s Ralph Lauren vibe with a double denim ensemble, pairing straight-legged jeans with a denim shirt and a wool blazer for a more polished touch. The high-waisted design elongates the legs, tying the outfit together. This style is easily replicated with wardrobe essentials and a selection of wool blazers off our racks. The look is perfect for both the office and a night out at a cocktail bar, offering a blend of subtlety, classic appeal, niche flair, and undeniable swankiness.


Fashion Forward

Butler has consistently embodied the essence of chic. His talent for blending high fashion with individual style is apparent in his choices, such as combining double velvet with a silk shirt. Such pairings demonstrate his skill in balancing comfort with high fashion, establishing him as a style icon of the modern era. This was particularly evident during his post-Elvis phase, which featured numerous velvet jackets paired with simple trousers and shirts. The key to personal styling is to ensure your personality is always on display; if you're going to dress up, infuse that additional 10% that distinctly represents you.


TOM FORD on Instagram: "#AustinButler featured on the cover of @britishgq  wearing the TOM FORD Light Blue Compact Velvet Atticus Peak Lapel Jacket,  Light Blue C… | Blue velvet suit, Austin butler, Austin Butler Wore a Sleek Black Suit on the 2023 Oscars Red Carpet


In conclusion, Austin Butler’s style is a lesson in balancing the old with the new, the casual with the formal, and the understated with the bold. His fashion choices serve as an inspiration for those looking to cultivate a versatile and timeless wardrobe that transcends trends and eras. 

To emulate the essence of Butler's style, have a look at our statement jackets on our website and replicate the style for a night.

Stay tuned for more style lessons from other Hollywood icons in our upcoming blog posts.

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