Welcome to Mr. Fierze,
a personalised designer suit hire service dedicated to satisfying the unique needs of a new generation of clients.


With a short history dating back to just over three years, Mr. Fierze believes in access and affordability and that there is a place for everyone to enjoy and wear designer label suits. For those in desire of a show-stopping red carpet look or wish to stay dapper on their wedding day, we believe first impressions count. We provide designer label tailoring for any gentleman that walks through our doors, regardless of shape, size and fit. We are proud of our innovative and comfortable styling oasis and guarantee you leave our store loving your experience with us and ready to visit again in preparation of your next event.

“Having worked in the fashion and beauty industry for a number of years, I found it hard to keep up with the demand of attending multiple events without burning a hole in my wallet to purchase a new suit or outfit every single time. Not only that, I purchased suits that were slightly different in styles every single time in order to stand out, but only to have them sitting in my closet after a single wear.

I then found out about the booming side of women’s designer rental places here in Australia and how more and more women were ‘hiring’ their designer dresses. I sought to see what was out there for men in terms of suit hire options in Sydney and online in Australia at the time, but the offerings were pretty stale and boring. I thought to myself that there must be other gents in the same boat as me, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I purchased 20 suits from various places on my own and started posting on Facebook about this new concept. Little did I know that fast forward to a year later, I’d grow from 2 racks to a full fledged showroom, boasting a loyal string of clientele, 150 designer suits, shirts, bow ties, neck ties, pocket squares, lapel pins and more.”

– Joel Anthony