Mr. Fierze - Australia's first men's designer hire

Q: How long does a the styling appointment take?

A: Styling appointments usually take approximately 20minutes. It’s quicker if you’ve already looked at our website and know exactly what you’re after. Timings also vary if it’s a groom’s party fitting


Q: What’s the hire process like?

A: It’s simple! Refer to the Hire Process page here


Q: Do we have to pay a deposit or a big security bond to hire?

A: There is no security bond whatsoever! However we do require payment of the suit upfront so that we can book it our for your required dates


Q: How many days do I get to keep the suit?

A: Generally a 3 day period – the day before the event is pick up, and the day after the event is drop off


Q: What labels do you stock?

A: We stock Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Z Zegna, Lardini, Calibre, Paul Costelloe, Dom Bagnato, Joe Black, Daniel Hechter and so much more. Go to our ‘Shop’ to view the full collection


Q: What would I expect to spend on average?

A: You are looking at spending an average of $250 if you hire a classic tuxedo, with a shirt, a bow-tie, and pocket square


Q: Do you guys alter the suits?

A: The only alteration we offer clients are hemming of pants and jacket sleeves if necessary. This is charged separately


Q: Do we have to dry clean the suit?

A: No you don’t! Dry cleaning is already included in the price of your hire! We handle it for you


Q: Can I hire suits for my groomsmen when I am getting married?

A: Yes you absolutely can. Mr. Fierze specialises in suiting up wedding parties! Refer to our weddings page here


If you have any other questions, simply get in contact with us here