What The %^&$# Do I Wear For My Wedding?

Oh boy, how times have changed! It seems like only a month ago we were gearing up towards the opening of our new flagship store in North Sydney, to now having a city in lockdown & being ordered to stay home due to the COVID virus pandemic. We hope everyone is keeping safe and doing your part by staying home during these troubled times. No matter how troubled it may seem, we take comfort in knowing that we will get through this and that we are all in this together.

On that note, because we are still hiring suits online and you may be browsing for ideas for your groom’s party – we thought we would out his blog post together, breaking down the various look and feel you can go for! Remember we are still taking bookings for weddings now if you choose to go for that intimate 5 PAX wedding, and for that large wedding you’ve been dreaming about 6 months down the track! We are still operational and here to help you!

Now sit back and read on as we breakdown some wedding looks for you below;


Black Tie Wedding Attire

When it comes to Black Tie, there really is little room for interpretation or deviation in your attire. You MUST wear a tuxedo. In saying that, there are plenty of opportunities to show your personal style through the choice of jacket and accessories. As you can see we have styled clients in the traditional classic sense as well as broken up looks with black pants and a varying colored jacket. Throw in a stunning lapel pin and broach as we are known for and you’re ready to work the crowd!

Formal/ ‘Dressy’ Wedding Attire

If your wedding dress code simply says ‘Formal’ or ‘Dressy’, many of the Black Tie rules still apply.  The largest difference is that a tuxedo is not required for formal attire but it is often optional.  Instead of wearing a black or midnight tuxedo, consider wearing tuxedos with a slimmer shawl collar and textured fabric to achieve that ‘not too black tie’ look. Alternatively, you can ditch the tuxedo and go for a beautiful midnight navy or teal lounge suit as pictured below. We’ve managed to make formal fun for our clients below by opting for bold print ties and pocket squares to add flare!

Statement Wedding Attire

This category is for the bold, confident and even eccentric that aim to stand out of the crowd. Still applying the same rules as the Black Tie and Formal Wedding Attire, this look can be executed with a lot of restraint so as to have a very classic finish or further exaggerated through accessories. All it takes is a simple swap of the jacket into a more extravagant piece from our statement range that usually consists of our higher-end labels! As pictured below, go bold and classic with the red Dolce & Gabbana jacket (left) or simply wow the crowd with the Jacket London sequinned gold leopard print jacket in the middle! Practice restraint and only add a touch of statement as the image on the left with the styling of the Chanel broach!


Cocktail/Lounge Formal Wedding Attire

If cocktail wedding attire is the go, you then have more freedom in styling! With Cocktail attire, you can loosen the neck-tie a little, literally and figuratively, and relax into chic and modern fashions for the event.  We keep the styling of these looks really tight and snatched with the use of bold ties, pocket squares and lapel pins. You can only achieve these looks at Mr. Fierze thanks to our amazing stylists;)


Smart-Casual Wedding Attire

The designation of Smart-Casual Attire probably holds the most ambiguous connotation out of all dress codes discussed in this post.  Everyone’s description of smart-casual wedding attire may be different. For this attire, ditch the suit pants and go for a well-fitted pair of chinos, accompanied by an open-collared shirt, colourful linen or light-textured blazer with a patterned pocket square to finish! It’s funny because even though this look is effortless, it’s actually been pretty styled to look effortless! Once again leave it to us to achieve that effortless chic style for you!

Hire from any of the dress code attires discussed above for your Big Day! If you still need help, leave it to us! Fill out our contact form the word HELP and we will come to the rescue!

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