Mr. Fierze Men’s Designer Suit Hire Flagship Store Opening

Mr. Fierze announces that it will open its first flagship store in North Sydney for March 2020.


The need for a store to open for Mr. Fierze has been long awaited and most expecting to not only allow for more growth and product for the brand to come through the store’s doors but to bring more engagement and interaction with our beloved clientele as well as the local residents and visitors alike. Mr. Fierze is the first and only designer suit hiring brand with a large array of local and international labels and designers and continuously expanding.

The Mr. Fierze store will continue to offer suiting, shirting and accessories to hire for men of all builds and ages with the view of expansion into new territories in the future. We plan to introduce more products and offerings with the store, but all will be revealed in due time.


For now, we sit with Mr. Fierze’s Director, Joel Anthony to talk about all things launch – 


Q: How does it feel to be opening a new store?

J: Oh man it feels great to be starting 2020 on a high like this. Never would I have thought I would be here just 1 and a half years of operation later. Not many people who have already been through my doors will realise that we have actually been operating out of my apartment. This is obvious because I’ve always set it up as a stunning showroom, so you would never be able to tell from the images unless you’ve been through our doors. The opportunity to open up a store now is exemplary of the growth Mr. Fierze has gone through and is continuing to go through. It is definitely exciting and a personal achievement to have a commercial venue for clients and myself to display the exquisite suiting, shirting and accessories the brand has to offer.


Q: What can we expect in this new store?

J: You can certainly expect an eye-catching store front. As you can already see from the way we’ve set up our showroom in-house, a lot of attention is placed on the visual aesthetics and personal experience vibe, so expect all that to be amplified into a beautiful space. I’m not going to go into details – this will be a surprise!


Q: Why North Sydney?

J: North Sydney has always been on my radar because it’s the corporate hub of New South Wales, second to the CBD. With plenty of corporate head offices, a huge portion of my clientele comes from here with the need to impress in beautifully styled suiting without having to burn a hole in their wallets. What makes it even more fitting is that we are going to be situated right next to a women’s dress hire store ‘Dress For A Night’ on the busy Pacific Highway strip that is quite close to the central CBD. Having said all this, our clientele travel from far and wide including from the Central Coast, Liverpool, Camperdown etc for suit hire needs.


Q: How has business evolved for Mr. Fierze and the whole hire concept for men?

J: The business has enjoyed tremendous growth from when I first opened in October 2017 with a mere 20 suits on 1 shopping rack. The brand has gone on to embody not just the best of hires, but also establish itself as a true styling house for men to be able to come in, be fitted and walk out with the best styling from both a fashion and experiential perspective. We’ve been featured on GQ Australia, Sunrise Show and more last year, and we are looking forward for more this year! I have personally seen a gradual conversion of men prioritising access over ownership when it comes to suiting. With Mr. Fierze being the only designer suit hiring business in the state, it has definitely attracted more attention in men choosing to hire the outfits and accessories at a fraction of the retail price as it is accessible to them. This doesn’t stop in Sydney, we get enquiries from other states all the time too as there is nothing like it there too.


Q: What’s new for 2020?

J: We’ve already jumped into busy mode with Summer Wedding bookings. So if you still haven’t sorted out your outfits for your wedding this season, make sure to do so! Aside from the new storefront opening in March, new arrivals and new designers are in the cards including new Dolce & Gabbana pieces and the introduction of new brands like – Roberto Cavalli and Karl Lagerfeld. There will also be some new offerings and services that will be announced later this year. We’ve also welcomed some new team members, and once the store is finally opened and fully furnished, we are expecting to host more VIP nights, local community events and even more media dressings! More to come – watch this space!


More information about the grand opening and products that will be offered by Mr. Fierze at the North Sydney location and the opening event can be found at and our Instagram @mrfierze.

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