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Check Out These Tips from Mr. Fierze Men’s Designer Suit Hire Team!

It’s a long road of planning ahead till the day you walk down the aisle. You’re only just about to be introduced to the mother of all event lists – the wedding planning list.

Think venue, catering, place cards, invitations, wedding dresses, suits …. AHHH!!! With the suiting, do I go down the ‘Made to Measure’ route? Do I purchase ‘off-the-rack’ or ‘hire’? What colour scheme do I go for? And do I wear a waistcoat or not?

So what is the best way to deal with the ‘I am getting married thought process’ when it comes to suiting? To help you along with this thought process, we’ve put together a succinct guide below.

Khaki Color Wedding Suit

How long before the wedding should you start shopping for the wedding suit?

The process of planning and shopping for the outfit should start 3-5 months before the wedding. Take some time to stroll through Instagram, wedding pages online and celeb wedding images. Start to get a feel for the various styles out there, as there are no ‘norms’ these days – it’s all up to interpretation and your style.

From here, get a sense of what you like and don’t like, and check the social media pages of suiting businesses in your area. Do they come close to the looks that you like, and do they have style advisers that can help you.

Make an appointment and go to at least two or three places so that you can try on a wide variety of suits and explore all your options. Prior to setting up the appointment, did you decide if you are going to hire suits or purchase a suit off the rack? Or are you going to have one made?

Rental or purchase?

So it is our advice at this point that you go and have a look at both the hire & purchase offerings. We can’t tell you the amount of time we’ve had a groom come into our showroom to hire suits for his groomsmen, only to regret having made a suit because he was impressed by the suits that he could have hired for a fragment of the RRP. For the same price of the purchase of a suit, you can hire 2 different suits – one for the wedding ceremony, and another for the wedding reception.

However, at this point you’ve realised that you want to spend the extra $$$ and purchase a suit for your Big Day and will possibly re-use it for other events! Purchase a suit off the rack that fits you beautifully, only needing mild alterations or go all out spending the big $$$ to get a bespoke suit made to fit you like a glove. This is entirely up to you and your budget!

The big question to be asked here is ‘if you are ever going to wear this suit again, or let it collect dust in your wardrobe’. Maybe we are back to hire again.

Red Silk Double Brested Suit

Things to think about when it comes to the selections & styling.

So even before we pull a suit off the rack here at Mr. Fierze, we sit down and have a chat with the groom.

We ask a series of questions so that we can get a good handle of what you’re after, and it also helps you visualise what the whole party would look like.

Questions we ask include;

When is the wedding? This helps us gage what the season will be – lending towards fabric and colour choices

Where is the wedding held? Outdoor, in a garden, in a church, in a ballroom, a winery, on the beach shore? – this helps us decide if you fabric should be flexible, light and breathable, or there’s room for velvets etc.

How many groomsmen?

What is the theme of the wedding and its colours – if there is any

What colour will the bride and bridesmaids be dressed in – this is vital as we don’t want the colours of the suits to clash of match the bridesmaids

Does the groom want to stand out and look slightly accentuated from the groomsmen

Do you have any images that you like or want to achieve – favourite colours, textures etc.

Do you want a bow-tie or tie finish

As we go through these questions with the groom, we both get a good understanding and are able to narrow down the suits we are after.

Our style advisors then go through the various options and style you up. By this time, you would have taken a few photos of the various looks to take home and mull over to decide.

Navy Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

What do you get styled in?

When we dress our grooms, we give you 2-3 different looks to pick and choose from. In fact we encourage our grooms and their party to not decide on the day, but to take lots of pictures, go away and decide a day or two later. This helps you really know what you are after as we find that grooms usually can’t pick 1 look in just a few hours. However, if you are the kind that wants 3 different changes in your wedding than by all means, go for it. The beauty of hire is that it allows you to have 3 looks and you would still be paying the price of 1 made to measure suit.

So what are the items we dress you up in that you need to be aware of?

Suit or Tuxedo

Pleated Tux Shirt for the groom

Crisp white French cuff shirts for the groomsmen

Bow-Ties or Ties

Pocket Squares

Lapel Pins (if there are no boutonnieres)


Belts (if there is a real need)


It is usually at this point that you are able to visualise your full look with the groomsmen and you start to know what you’re after.

So you’ve decided…now what?

After the second day is up, you are certain of the look you’re after and we get all the groomsmen fitted in the next round! This can either be done in one-go or separately based on schedules.

We then book the suits in, and they’re ready to be picked up the day before your wedding day. As a general rule if your wedding is on a Saturday, the suits can be picked up on a Thursday evening and returned on the Monday, giving you 5 days with the suits.

Simple Wedding Suit

Additional questions…

Q: You are on a weight-loss program and are concerned that you might drop a size before the wedding.

A: We say – NO PROBLEM! We can get you fitted again 1 week out of the wedding, giving us enough time to change the sizing and manage the alterations. Infact the latest we can do this is 4 days before the wedding.

Q: What if you have groomsmen that are overseas and can’t attend a fitting till a day or two before the wedding day.

A: We say – all groomsmen must come in for a fitting as we don’t assure a good job without having fitted them in the showroom. Having said that we make the process seamless by providing a set of questions and getting measurements from the overseas groomsmen so that we can a good idea of the sizings to reserve in the suits. We then see the groomsmen in the showroom 1 week before right till 1 day out of the pick up day to fit and make final alterations on the suit. Our advise is to be very careful when getting suits measured and ready for you without having a fitting in a showroom. Too many times have we seen this go wrong for gents! So don’t take the risk!

Q: How much are you looking to spend on a groomsman on average?

A: We always say it depends on the designer selection as they all vary, but you are generally looking at spending an average of $250 to be fully kitted out. This is just an average, as if you go for the higher end ranges then you would be looking at spending more! 


You’re NOW READY to walk down the aisle!

Now that we’ve nutted it all out, we hope that this article will help you with your thought process in the lead up to your wedding day. There’s quite a few things to think about, but we make it easy & seamless for you. We take this journey with your from the moment you enter the showroom to the time you pick and return your suits.

Book an appointment to come see us today, even if it’s just to start your thought process and get inspirations!






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