Wedding planning can often be both a daunting and overwhelming experience, but we are here to take the stress of kitting out your grooms party away from you. We make it easy, fun and above all, an experience to remember.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars buying suits off the rack or even getting bespoke suits made, only to have them sitting in your closet collecting dust after the big day. Hire from our range of stylish designer suits, and make a statement on your big day with your groomsmen for a fragment of the retail price.

There Is a reason why Mr. Fierze is the go-to wedding destination for grooms and groomsmen as we provide excellent customer service, one-on-one styling experiences and a dapper finishing.

The wedding hire process is simple.

The first fitting appointment is with the groom and bride only, so that we get an understanding of the theme and venue of the wedding. This is where we decide on what style the groom will be wearing, followed by what the groomsmen will be dressed in.

During your first fitting, we will work with you to understand your needs and what distinguishes your style for your wedding. It is a collaborative process that we give time to.

During this fitting, you will be guided through a range of over numerous suits and jackets ranging from brands such as Joe Black, Daniel Hechter, Dom Bagnato and Cambridge, to name a few. You will also be shown styling options and accompanying accessories as well as given recommendations about the right style to suit your purposes.


We then have a second fitting with the groom and his groomsmen in our showroom. If the groomsmen are unable to attend a fitting on the same day, we are happy to work with individual groomsmen on separate fitting days. During this second fitting, we consider all aspects of how the garment fits and sits on your body. Further adjustments on sleeves and leg hems may be required. If so, our tailors can complete these within a week.

The final fitting is a simple and exciting part of the process. We ensure the garment fits perfectly before leaving and you have a chance to ask any style questions. Afterwards, it’s time to pick up all suits the day before the wedding and look dapper as ever for your big day.

If you are unable to pick up from our showroom the day before, you may notify us which day during the same week you that would be most suitable to pick up.

Every day we meet a new groom that’s excited to be styled up for his big day and we could not be more thrilled for each one.

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